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What type of list should i use

Once you have your postcard designed you will need to determine what kind of list you want to mail to. Although creative and message are important, the list you select will make the largest difference in response rate.

The decision on the list comes down to two main questions: business type and offer. If you are a business whose customer base is anyone who lives within your serviceable area then you should choose to saturate and select the EDDM list. This will allow you to select homes based on geographic location. Alternatively, if you have a niche market then it will be best to target based on demographics and you should select Targeted List.

The same goes for the message if it has broad appeal then choose to saturate, if it is specific to a demographic then choose targeted lsit.

Low Cost

Post Cards are the most cost effective mailer on a per piece price. Both from a production standpoint and postage.

Brand yourself

Get your message directly in the hands of a wide audience of potential customers. Build brand through repetition.

Fast & Easy

Simply pick the streets you want to mail to or build the demographics and your done.


By ordering directly through your marketing portal you avoid the wasted time of going back and forth with proofs and list. Simply build your campaign and check out.

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Three easy steps

choose your template

Choose from our array of mail products such as postcards, envelope packages and self mailers.

Customize your art

Either use a provided template to customize or upload your own art. Our InDesign Editor puts the power of a professional creative team in your hands.

Build your list

Bases upon your answer to the two questions above select the EDDM list or the Targeted List.

Common Questions

Our process allows your card to move immediately into production after you check out which means it can hit the mail stream within 48 hours. The post office will take 3-10 business days to deliver into homes after that depending on where you are mailing.

Your cards will be printed on thick card stock with 300dpi ink coverage for the highest quality images. Your mailings will be sure to infer luxury and professionalism to your target audience.

Absolutely! We have an upload art option for you that will allow you to use art that you have edited and downloaded whether that is from an in house editor or an external service like Canva.

Nationwide Mailing

Mail anywhere in the US from your desktop

Top Quality

The highest industry standards are our baseline

Lowest Prices

You won't find and all-in price at a better rate


We will never share your information or list with anyone

Watch the list builder tutorial

Follow along as we show you how easy it is to build your area mailer list

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